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C. Baxter White Fleck  (Earthenware Oxidation (Cone 4-6))
White Lead 49.34
Frit 3195 19.56
G -200 Feldspar 14.56
EPK 9.16
Tin Oxide 7.38
Total 100 %
2.00% Red Iron Oxide 428412  
1.50% Cobalt Carbonate  
1.50% Copper Oxide (Black)  
0.50% Nickel Oxide (Black)  
0.50% Manganese Carbonate  
5.00% Rutile  
Copper Oxide and Nickel Oxide can be added together equal to a glaze batch. You will get all kinds of nice glazes by adding different oxides to this base glaze. Can fire from cone 04 to cone 5.
Glaze has not been tested for lead leeching.  
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