Newer functional forms are stoneware bowl shapes. Bowls have always been important to the world's civilizations and religions. When I am making a bowl, I focus on the inner space that is being created.

      My new sculptures are titled "Bones to Earth". I am playing with shapes and bone-like abstractions. Being in my sixth decade on this planet, I have grown to understand the processes of life and death: body to the earth and the spirit to the outer reaches of our comprehension. In the bowels of our earth, all the dead animals and plants that have decomposed over the millenniums have sprung back to a new life as new creations. I am exploring these ideas.

      Included in this website are some of my older works: bottle forms, fertility abstractions and some platter forms. All of my work is fired to stoneware temperature, 2,300 to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. I am using high fire glazes that evolved in China from about 800 AD to 1600 AD. I fire the glazes to a little higher temperature than traditionally fired. A temperature of about an additional 200 degrees stimulates a lot more texture and color from these stoneware glazes.
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